Our Program

Inspiring the next generation of tech ninjas!

Build Your Own Career Adventure Platform

The platform is a dynamic space where interactivity meets inspiration. Here, students embark on a digital journey, crafting their unique tech career pathways through the choices they make. Along the way, they encounter engaging role model videos, intriguing trivia, and captivating content – all meticulously curated to illuminate the diverse array of career possibilities and the profound impact technology can have on their lives, our world, and humanity as a whole.

Cyber Mystery Workshops

Our tech workshops follow the Bolognese strategy. Just as veggies are concealed in a Bolognese sauce, we hide tech within thrilling mystery-solving adventures. Meet Shelly Baker, the data wizard at a med-tech firm by day and the enigmatic cybercrime fighter, Snow Leopard, by night. Through immersive storytelling and thrilling adventures, students uncover clues, solve puzzles, and become tech-savvy ninjas, all while engaging in a variety of exciting tech activities.

Girls get to shout about it

We organise corporate events to champion our mission and showcase opportunities for company involvement. At these events, we extend invitations to girls who have been part of our program to share their experiences, granting them valuable real-world public speaking opportunities. This fosters confidence and cultivates their enthusiasm to become tech ninjas.

Community (coming soon!)

But there’s more on the horizon. We’re in the process of creating a closely monitored Slack community, aimed at fostering and nurturing girls’ interest in tech careers. Within this community, industry mentors, role models, and educators will come together to provide inspiration and unwavering support, guiding these young minds through their educational journey, from school to tertiary education and beyond, helping them thrive in the tech world.

Inspire Girls

After only a pilot session girls' interest in pursuing tech careers increased by 400%. They wanted more time on the platform and more career options to explore!

Smash stereotypes

Tech isn't just about coding in isolation. Our program breaks these stereotypes by introducing students to diverse female role models across various tech careers. We reveal the profound impact tech can have on the world.

Make tech relatable

Our program exposes girls to a diverse range of female role models through engaging videos and interactive in-person workshops. Through these encounters girls connect with these remarkable women, see reflections of themselves in their stories and pursuing a tech career becomes not only achievable but undeniably real.

Do you want to inspire some tech ninjas?

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