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Are you eager to broaden your students’ horizons about the myriad opportunities in technology careers? The Tech Career Paths 4 Girls program employs captivating storytelling, interactive problem-solving, tech trivia, inspiring role model videos, and more to ignite their passion for the world of technology.

Our Results

After only the first pilot session results were incredible. A 4x improvement in likelihood to consider a career in technology.

Data is key

Throughout the program, we collect valuable data to measure its impact. Before and after each session, participants complete surveys that include key questions like, ‘How likely would you be to consider a career in technology?’ Additionally, we seek feedback on how we can enhance the program, allowing us to continually refine our approach for the most effective results.

Give us more!

The top pieces of feedback from the sessions were:  “We want more…

Time on the Platform

pathway options

When you think of a career in tech, what comes to mind?


“I imagine I am not going to be good at it.”

Likelihood to consider a tech career 4/10


“Computer games”

Likelihood to consider a tech career 3/10


“I am doing a good job.”

Likelihood to consider a tech career 8/10



Likelihood to consider a tech career 6/10

Our Platform

We employ modern technology to craft captivating pathways for students to explore the boundless opportunities within the realm of technology careers.

What's unique?

Our unique careers platform empowers students to chart their own path, selecting what to study, which projects to tackle, and what roles to explore. Through immersive video content featuring real-world female tech experts, industry trivia, and impactful tech project examples, we connect the dots between tech careers, technology, and their profound real-world implications for people and the planet.

More than code

Our platform challenges the common misconception that a tech career revolves solely around coding. Many young girls may not resonate with coding, but the platform introduces them to a wide array of tech careers, showcasing the industry’s incredible diversity and sparking new possibilities.

Role model videos

A significant barrier for girls considering tech careers is the scarcity of visible female role models, with most well-known figures being men. Tech Career Paths 4 Girls addresses this by featuring numerous female role models at various career stages in custom, concise videos on our platform. This provides young girls with a firsthand look at the diverse and inspirational journeys of women in tech.

Make tech relatable

A major misconception about tech careers is that they mainly involve solitary coding, making it challenging for many to relate. However, our platform exposes girls to diverse tech career paths and showcases various tech projects and initiatives that demonstrate the profound connection between a tech role and its impact on people and the planet. This approach helps make tech careers more relatable and inspiring.

Our Workshops

Our workshops break the mold of traditional sessions. Students connect with a tech-savvy female expert who shares her personal tech journey, making it a human experience. Then, they delve into a hands-on cyber mystery activity, finding clues and solving puzzles, all designed to ignite their tech curiosity.

Inspiring role models

In the initial part of the session, students have the unique opportunity to meet real-life female tech experts who generously share their personal tech career journeys. Over the course of the program, girls will engage with at least four in-person female role models, representing a diverse range of career stages, from newcomers to experienced executives. This firsthand interaction allows the girls to gain profound insights into technology careers and ask questions, fostering their understanding and inspiration.

Human connection

At Tech Career Paths 4 Girls, we place great importance on the in-person role models who facilitate a human connection that transcends the limitations of a video. Our aim is for girls to see themselves in these role models and think, “I could do that too!” These dedicated role models are passionate volunteers who share our commitment to promoting gender diversity in the tech industry and understand the empowerment that awaits young girls when they choose a career in technology.

Shelly Baker by day and Snow Leopard by night.

Our workshops are guided by Shelly Baker, who leads a double life. By day, she’s a tech expert in the med-tech field, excelling in data science. At night, she transforms into Snow Leopard, solving cyber mysteries and crimes. This dual identity brings an exciting twist to our workshops, captivating students with a unique tech adventure.

Unique approach

Not your ordinary tech workshop!

Story Telling

Our workshops harness the power of storytelling to plunge students into a world of mystery and adventure. Each session kicks off with a captivating mission, carefully weaving tech activities into a thrilling narrative, keeping students engaged and excited throughout their learning journey.

Problem Solving

Our workshops are an interactive playground for problem-solving. Students tackle riddles, puzzles, and a variety of tech activities. Along the way, they discover hints and clues to guide them towards a satisfying resolution. Together, we unravel the mysteries and find solutions!

Character based

Students get a unique experience as they step into the shoes of Shelly Baker. By day, she’s a tech genius working in data science at a med-tech firm, and by night, she transforms into the enigmatic cyber-detective, Snow Leopard, helping them solve thrilling cyber mysteries.

Built with AI

Our workshops are powered by cutting-edge technology, employing tools such as midjourney, Chat GPT, and Suno AI to create interactive and immersive learning experiences that captivate and educate  students. What better way to inspire students into the tech field than with technology!

Empower Girls

At Tech Career Paths 4 Girls, we believe in empowering young girls in more ways than one. Upon completing the program, girls are given the opportunity to share their experiences at industry events, where they can boost their public speaking confidence and become the voices of the future.

Speaking Opportunities

Our program is not just about the classroom; it’s about fostering real-world skills and connections. For girls who complete our program, we offer the chance to share their journey at our corporate events. This experience provides a unique opportunity to hone their public speaking skills, connect with professionals in the tech industry, and immerse themselves in the world of tech. It’s not just about inspiring the future; it’s about equipping them with the tools and connections to succeed.

My first technology job

Our commitment to empowering young girls in tech doesn’t stop with the program. As it to grows, we’re excited to offer opportunities for those who’ve completed the program to work with us. We envision providing them with their first job in technology, focusing on editing the short role model videos that inspire the next generation. This flexible role accommodates their school schedules and, introduces them to even more incredible female role models. Plus, it’s a better alternative to flipping burgers!

Our Community

Coming soon, a moderated Slack community to guide girls from their school years to tech careers.

Support for the journey

Fanning the flames of inspiration requires more than just a program. It demands purposeful, ongoing support. That’s why we’ll be introducing our moderated Slack community. Here, girls with an interest in tech can gather to explore exciting projects, discover extracurricular activities, access a wealth of exclusive videos, and connect with a network of role models and mentors. This is where their passion for technology keeps burning bright.


To infinity and beyond

Our Slack community isn’t just a virtual hangout; it’s a haven of support and inspiration. Seasoned role models and mentors, who’ve walked the tech path, will guide young girls with their expertise. Universities will showcase their tech-related degrees, organisations will present internships and promising career openings. In essence, this Slack hub becomes the epicenter for nurturing, inspiring, and opening doors for aspiring tech ninjas.

Delivery Logistics

Timing, capacity, learning objectives and more.


The program consists of 4 sessions, each an hour in length. Ideally sessions are run across 4 weeks (e.g. 1 session per week) but this is flexible. Sessions should be no larger than 40 students.


Students will require a laptop that is connected to the internet and headphones for all of the sessions. A screen and audio is required for the facilitator to show presentations, videos and quizzes.


The program aligns with the Work Education Syllabus  deliverables: WE4-1, WE4-3, WE5-3, WE4-5, WE4-6, WE5-5, WE5-6, WE4-8, WE5-8 and core study requirements 1 (What is work?), 2 (Transitions and Wellbeing) and 3 (Communication and Collaboration)

Target Audience

The program was initially designed to inspire young girls. However, it is just as important to influence the next generation of men’s attitudes towards technology and the content is applicable regardless of gender. 

Do you want to inspire some tech ninjas?

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