Changing the tech industry one tech ninja at a time.

Tech Career Paths 4 Girls is on a mission to inspire young girls to explore tech careers through exposure to incredible role models, making tech relatable and humanising it, all before stereotypes and media influences set in. Our four-session program includes a unique “build your own career adventure” platform and immersive tech workshops presented as cyber adventure mysteries. We’re inspiring the tech ninjas of tomorrow!

Not your ordinary approach

At Tech Career Paths 4 Girls, we blend modern technology techniques with creativity, adventure, and storytelling to craft an immersive educational experience. Imagine what happens when a tech-savvy CTO with a deep passion for fiction and fantasy dives into the world of learning.

With our ‘Build Your Own Career Adventure’ platform, students take the reins of their educational journey. They make decisions about what to explore, which disciplines to delve into, which jobs to pursue, and which projects to tackle. Along the way, they engage with captivating videos, solve trivia, and make choices that shape their path.

Our workshops offer an exciting twist. As students solve cyber mysteries, they step into the shoes of Shelly Baker, a tech genius who’s a data scientist by day at a med-tech firm and transforms into the enigmatic cybercrime fighter, Snow Leopard, by night. In this thrilling adventure, students uncover clues, crack puzzles, and perform a range of tech activities, all while unraveling the mystery.

We are building the tech ninjas of tomorrow.

What we do

Careers Platform

An interactive, immersive ‘Build Your Own Tech Career’ platform, featuring role model videos, trivia, and decision-making for a personalised tech journey.


Innovative tech workshops, where students embark on cyber mysteries guided by the tech-savvy enigma, Snow Leopard. Engaging and educational.

Empower Girls

Amplify girls’ voices. Let them inspire and educate at industry events, sharing their program experiences and igniting interest in the tech world.


Nurturing futures with community support. We’re creating a moderated Slack community for mentorship and guidance, empowering girls from school to university and beyond.

Meet the people behind our mission

Emma Pudney


Amazing Women and Men

Supporters and role models

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