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Our Story

Tech Career Paths 4 Girls was born out of a burning desire for real, tangible impact. Founder Emma Pudney, after years of participating in panels about women in tech, realised that while these discussions inspired a few, they often left her questioning their true impact. TCP 4 Girls came from a passion to make a difference, to guide young girls towards the vast career opportunities within the tech industry.

Breaking stereotypes

Sadly, by the time most girls reach the point of choosing elective subjects in high school, they’ve already been subtly influenced by stereotypes, media, and familial expectations that often steer them toward more traditional career paths. Tech Career Paths 4 Girls is all about breaking those stereotypes and showcasing the boundless diversity of opportunities that exist within the tech world. We’re here to ignite the flame of curiosity, foster interest, and inspire young girls to consider the incredible possibilities that tech careers have to offer. We’re inspiring the tech ninjas of tomorrow.

We believe the future of tech depends on diversity

Who is Em?

Emma, aka Em, is a mildly quirky, and somewhat geeky CTO. With over 20 years in tech, Em’s journey spans systems admin to leadership roles. Em founded Authentech Consulting, offering tech advisory. She runs Tech Career Paths 4 Girls, inspiring young girls in tech careers. As former CTO at Koala, she oversaw the tech team including UX, product management, software engineering, digital production, data and IT. As regional CTO at Rackspace, she built teams and led global strategies, and in 2019 was recognised with ARN Women in ICT award for innovation. Em is a mum of two and a women-in-tech advocate.

so why tech career paths 4 girls?

Em embarked on her tech journey back in the late ’90s, often finding herself as one of the few women in the room. This experience fueled her unwavering passion for enhancing gender diversity in the tech industry.

While she participated in numerous events and panels advocating for women in tech, Emma recognized that the key to gender diversity lay in shaping the perspectives of the future tech leaders. Her belief was simple: to effect real change, you must start from the ground up by transforming the culture and attitudes toward tech. Otherwise, the industry would remain stuck in a cycle of trying to convince women in other fields to switch into a traditionally male-dominated domain.

However, Emma also understood that conventional educational approaches were falling short. In 2023, a mere 1.6% of girls pursued technology at the tertiary level. Determined to bridge this gap, Emma conceived a program that leverages technology itself to demystify and showcase tech careers. Through engaging and interactive content, Tech Career Paths 4 Girls aims to make technology careers relatable and inspiring, ultimately empowering girls to become the future tech ninjas the world needs.

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